Masterpieces of sea glass..


Masterpieces of sea glass.

Hello to all lovers of travel, the sea, beach holidays and sea discoveries!

I’m Svit! I love the sea!
It not only has the opportunity to relax and disconnect from worries and problems. This is an opportunity to walk, wander barefoot along the sea beach, enjoy beautiful panoramas, hunt for sea glass — stones, especially vintage ones, collecting each one by hand! Looking at them in the rays of the sun, we try to find out their history. Create various decorations from beach treasures. Art design, find new ideas! This is fantastically interesting and unusual! After all, natural sea and vintage glass carry amazing energy and a combination of several elements that create a harmonious atmosphere and much more. I want to find friends and share!

My sea glass is from Italy. There is no need to introduce this country, everyone has heard about it and knows it! It is washed by several seas: in the east the Adriatic, in the south the Mediterranean and Ionian, in the west the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian. Each of them is unique and special! Hunting for sea glass is fun and exciting! First of all, sea glass can provide many different pleasures, uses and benefits. Which you don’t even know about! Let’s talk!


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